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Simon opened its online store in 2014 with the idea that it should be easy to own high-end TECH. We understand that no credit or past negative experiences happens to almost everyone so we have our own unique perspective that allows us to approve customers that will be declined elsewhere.

We have sold and provided support for thousands of devices. All were shipped with 100% satisfaction. None were ever returned so far and almost half of our sales each month are to current customers or their friends and family.

Being a small family owned business, we understand that we cannot compete with big companies when it comes to retail prices, but below are few reasons to choose SIMON:

  • Need a high-end TECH right away without spending lots of cash upfront
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Affordable lease option where you can return the item (after 5mos) and upgrade to a better device.
  • Custom PC’s and Laptops built to your preference.
  • Need Shipping to an APO/FPO address.
  • Convenient Repair and Support for your device